patron saints project


The series Patron Saints of Modern Times was funded by a grant from the Edmonton Cultural Capital in 2007. I wanted to explore what makes Patron Saints so universal and to understand the source of their continued relevance in our increasingly secular society. I believe their strength and significance comes from an individual’s need to connect to someone or something that defines them or their situation. This thought was further confirmed when I started studying the saints, I was surprised to find how many of them have been adapted to encompass modern day life. I have always looked at my work as a visual dialogue, a way to communicate to an audience. I want to create this series from a place of secular respect to the connection people may have to these Saints, and how they have carried these icons to modern day relevance. It is my hope that my fascination will be communicated to the Edmonton audience and that people will find comfort, humor and a newfound admiration for the significance these figures have.