laura o'connor


Laura O'Connor’s style is a dynamic combination of traditional and new techniques, where conventional photography collides with digital collage to create narrative driven images and vivid urban landscapes. Her photo-illustrations deconstruct and reconstruct reality, by maximizing a photograph’s potential to express her ideas. Laura’s current technique amalgamates conventional photography and digital collage. After developing an overall concept, she takes several digital photographs and uses programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to disassemble and reintegrate the photographs into a form of digital photomontage. This type of photo-illustration lends itself to a variety of both commercial and fine art applications.

Laura recently obtained her Bachelor of Design in Photography from Alberta College of Art and Design, where she received the Board of Governor’s award for the Photography major. After graduation, she was awarded with an emerging artist grant from the Edmonton Cultural Capital project in 2007. To date Laura’s most successful images are those that establish a relevant visual dialogue between the viewer and herself.

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